Gîn Bali

DJ and producer

Gîn Bali, a multifaceted force in the music scene, defies categorization with her unique blend of talents. Hailing from Bonn and nowrooted in Berlin and NRWS, Gîn's journey encompasses roles as a guitarist, music educator, event organizer, DJ, and producer.

The name "Gîn" carries layers of significance, reflecting her Kurdish heritage and personal identity. It embodies a mythical entity, possessing intellect and coexisting with humanity as well as other "Djinns," while also symbolizing "woman" in Kurdish and constituting half of her birth name. "Bali," meaning to attract attention in Kurdish, pays homage to her grandmother's maiden name.

Drawing from her classical guitar training and eclectic musical influences spanning RnB, HipHop, and Rock, Gîn seamlessly merges genres in her sets and productions. Her sonic palette knows no bounds, encompassingBass, South American Techno, Jungle, Moombahton, HipHop, Classical,Deconstructed Club, Grime, Industrial, and Kurdish Pop.

In the past two years alone, Gîn has electrified audiences across Germany, France, America, Brazil and Mexico with over 200 performances.Not content with just gracing the stage, she also spearheads events like"YAYA" at JAKI Cologne since 2019, helms the label Confused, serves as board member of YAYA e.V., and freelances as a booker and copywriter.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Gîn's collaborative ventures with partner whoslulu as a Visual Jockey blur the lines between concert and club experiences. Additionally, her expertise in music education shines through numerous workshops focusing on guitar, songwriting, and DJing.

Gîn Bali embodies the essence of innovation, seamlessly blending classical finesse with the pulsating energy of the club world. Her influence transcends boundaries, carving a unique path in the ever-evolving landscape of modern music.